Rush Triangle - Fall 2023

"Triangle is the only men's STEM fraternity experience, open to engineers, architects and scientists. We provide a social experience with a focus on academic success and professional preparation."

Anyone interested in Triangle is invited to our rush events. You are always welcome and encouraged to invite your friends as well. All of our events are great to start with, and don't worry if you've missed or will miss an event. Feel free to give us a notice if you've got something going on.

Fall Rush is here!
Please text our Recruitment Vice President Jacob Faulk at 425-219-3268 for more details or for any last minute questions.

Rush Chairs

If you'd like a chance to get in tocuh with a Triangle brother directly, please send us a text!

Jacob Faulk

Jacob Faulk

Recruitment Vice President + Working Out, Traveling, Sports, and more

(425) 219-3268

Beau Lonnquist

Beau Lonnquist

Former Recruitment Vice President + Triathlons, Basketball, Tabletop Games, and more

(503) 332-5579

Allan Dao

Allan Dao

Website Manager + Casual Volleyball and Badminton, Longboarding, and Pool

(206) 643-7582

Rushing: To join a fraternity, you must go through a “rush” period where you attend events and get to know the members of the fraternity. Our primary rush period is typically open fall and either winter or Fall quarter of each year, but you are always welcome to contact us throughout the year. To begin rushing, come to one of the events on the calendar above and introduce yourself! Triangle requires rushees to attend as many events as possible during rush and expects them to make an active effort to speak to as many current active members they meet as possible. Please also note that Triangle is exclusive to STEM and architecture majors. Triangle rushees are also required to attend a group interview, where active members will ask questions to get to know them better.

The Bid: If we feel like you share the values of Triangle and that you will be a good fit for the culture of our group, we'll offer you a bid a few days after your interview. If you are offered a bid you have the opportunity to join the fraternity as a "pledge" by signing your bid and returning it to us. Whether a bid is offered is determined a vote by all active members.
Note: New members are required to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to join (excluding first quarter freshmen).

Pledging: After you accept your bid, you will begin the pledging process. Pledging lasts one quarter, during which you will get to know the active members even better and learn how the fraternity operates by attending new member education sessions.

Have more questions?
Email our Recruitment Vice President!

Recruitment VP | Jacob Faulk

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